ICYMI: The Flat Circle’s June Recap

June was my busiest month as a blogger yet. I worked with a few different writers and diversified the content that appears on this site. By the end of the month, I was glad that my blog had increased its traffic, but I was more pleased that I had expanded The Flat Circle's workload. Hopefully that has resulted in a better experience for readers.

Brockmire’s Big League Problem

IFC’s Brockmire is a blue, irreverent comedy that follows the odyssey of a wayward play-by-play man. The titular character, Jim Brockmire is a washed-up broadcaster who is stuck calling games in the minor leagues. He desperately wants to return to calling Major League games. The problem for Brockmire: he can’t actually return to the big leagues.

Music Monday: Lucy Pearl’s Anniversary

Supergroups do not always reach their full potential. Lucy Pearl was not together long, but managed to put out one amazing record. The group comprised of Raphael Saadiq, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Dawn Robinson was an epic collection of talent too big to fail. On May 23, 2000 Lucy Pearl released their self-titled LP. Two days before their eighteenth anniversary, it is hard not to hope for a reunion from the amazing group that was Lucy Pearl. 

The Ten Albums That Influenced Me

There is a Facebook "challenge" floating around that is bringing attention to the artwork of album covers. Each thread calls on readers to “post the covers of ten albums in ten days; albums that have had a big influence on you and that you still play. Be honest. No explanation, just artwork.”

What Saturday Night Live’s Finale Says About SNL’s Trump Problem

Saturday Night Live closed out their forty-third season last night. The episode, which was hosted by Tina Fey and featured Nicki Minaj as the musical guest, was emblematic of the variety show’s entire season. The SNL finale placed politics and cameos in the forefront of its show for yet another episode. They doubled-down on mediocre material that was a desperate attempt to put a lasting political stamp on the season. It was almost as if SNL was openly admitting that they cannot help themselves: they have a Trump problem

Courtney Barnett Captivates At Union Transfer

It is not often that you can go to a show where the audience is hearing mostly new music and does not get restless. Usually a longing for familiarity kicks in at some point. The concert at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer on Wednesday night was not your typical show. Courtney Barnett mesmerized a sold-out crowd that hung on every word and chord for an hour and a half. 

Review: Marty Thompson’s Romantic Stories

It is not often that you find an album that was recorded on a pink ukulele on the Bavarian Alps, but Marty Thompson can lay that unique claim to his new LP, Romantic Stories. The LP will be Marty Thompson's second. Romantic Stories has traces of a Bavarian influence, but mostly contains a rock and country sound.

George Harrison’s Brilliant “It Don’t Come Easy” Demo

“It Don’t Come Easy” is a staple of Ringo Starr’s long career as a solo artist. The catchy single was released early in Starr’s post-Beatles tenure and remains one of his most recognizable solo tracks. There is a lesser-known version of the song by a different Beatle: George Harrison. When you listen to George Harrison’s “It Don’t Come Easy,” the song changes completely. Even though the track superficially sounds the same, Harrison created a deeper and more enduring piece of music.

Queen Of Jeans Cover “Walk Like An Egyptian”

Today is Mother’s Day. Even though it is one of the most important holidays of the year, it is tough to hunt down Mother’s Day music. The Intruders, Pink Floyd, and LL Cool J all have music about Mom, but none of those artists made a fun music video with their mothers quite like Philadelphia’s Queen of Jeans.

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