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The Flat Circle covers a diverse pop-culture scene that includes some of the most enjoyable  television, movies, music, and podcasts that enter our screens and headphones every day. I want to build a fun relationship with people who are plugged into all of our rapidly expanding entertainment platforms. I will always welcome your thoughts on my thoughts.

There is more great entertainment than ever before out there. Let’s talk about it! You can follow along on Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail (available on the bottom of the page).  – John

Twitter: @flatcircleblog

Recommended TV Shows: Stranger Things, The Good Place, Westworld, Fresh Off The Boat, Better Call Saul, The Goldbergs, Brooklyn 99, VEEP

Recommended Documentaries: Five Came Back, The Keepers, The Defiant Ones

Favorite Podcasts: Twenty Thousand Hertz, The Conspirators, Walking The Floor,  Jawn Appetit, Weekly Substandard, Hot Copy, ProBlogger 

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