Lake Winnipesaukee’s Mello Moose Coffee House And Nitro Cold Brew

I was not looking for a coffee shop during my New Hampshire vacation. The free coffee at the hotel got the job done that week. I could not help but stop at Lake Winnipesaukee’s Mello Moose Coffee House. It looked like a friendly place for a cup. Not only was it amiable, but the shop turned out to be my first experience drinking Nitro Cold Brew.

The Mello Moose Coffee House is on Daniel Webster Highway (Route 3). For travelers, that is roughly midway between Weir’s Beach and downtown Meredith. The shop opened in 2018. Mark and Maureen Mello own the shop, which dispenses Cafe Monte Alto coffee.

Lake Winnipesaukee's Mello Mouse Coffee House
Lake Winnipesaukee’s Mello Mouse Coffee House – Meredith, NH

Unlike suburban or city coffee houses, the shop is not a walk-up business located on a main drag. The Mello Moose is not in a downtown area, but still relays a friendly neighborhood vibe for people to congregate. The cafe is convenient enough for anyone staying along the lake’s Route 3 corridor.

The Mello Moose menu features muffin tops, vegan muffins, moose buckle, and pop tarts.  Moose-shaped treats are available for dogs. The shop has a cozy lounge area, complete with wi-fi, high tables, and comfortable chairs to maximize the coffee-drinking experience.

Iced Hot Chocolate and Nitro Cold Brew were the day’s drinks of choice. The Iced Hot Chocolate was delicious. The cold delicacy tasted better with every sip and was hard to put down.

The Nitro Cold Brew was a personal first. Nitrogen infused into the coffee gives it a thin head and creamy taste (think of it as the Guinness of coffee). Its overall effect is similar to the Irish stout. Nitro’s foam top remains constant. The nitrogen also alleviates the bitterness in the coffee’s natural taste.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at the Mello Moose Coffee House
Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at the Mello Moose Coffee House

Unlike hot coffee, where you need the temperature to cool, Nitro Cold Brew is best when consumed quickly. The coffee dilutes as the ice melts. The biggest surprise followed the drink. Nitro Cold Brew has a good aftertaste. In a marked improvement over traditional coffee, Nitro remained great long after my last sip.

Nitro coffee will likely never become my preferred coffee experience. It is hard to beat regular black coffee every day. Thanks to Lake Winnipesaukee’s Mello Moose Coffee House, I have a new beverage choice. On summer days when I want coffee, but a piping hot cup is not what I’m looking for, Nitro is something I will order. The Mello Moose, however, was among my favorite things to do in Meredith, NH and is 100% recommended for travelers to the lake.


This is the second post in a series on coffee houses. The first blog post details GET Cafe, a non-profit coffee house that supports and employs people with disabilities


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