GET Cafe In Narberth – More Than A Coffee Shop

This is the first post in my new series about coffee houses in the Philadelphia area. Coffee is an everyday comfort. Coffee houses are as much a part of a community’s culture as any bar or corner store. They get us going in the morning. They are essential for meetings, minglings, and the fabric of a neighborhood. As myopic as the daily coffee run can be, sometimes coffee is more than a regular boost. No more important coffee is served than the java from Narberth’s new business: GET Cafe.

The GET stands for Great Expectations Together. The Main Line coffee shop is a part of a non-profit organization that supports individuals with disabilities. Aspects of the organization include peer groups, seminars, and workshops related to the disabled community. Sales benefit Great Expectation Together’s programs.

The organization also employees people with disabilities. The shop”s staff is a mix of volunteers and employees who foster a welcoming feeling. Even Narberth’s mayor Andrea Deutsch joined an event at the shop.

GET Cafe Narberth's Mayor
Narberth’s Mayor Andrew Deutsch in GET Cafe

GET Cafe appropriately opened up for business on February 14. Located on Narberth’s main drag, the shop is sandwiched between Twice As Nice Children’s Boutique and EZ Phone Repair on Haverford Avenue.

The facility is well-decorated. Bookshelves with library-style card catalog drawers line the main wall. There are a few small tables for two (outside and in). A corner of the store contains couches to spread out and relax. All of this promotes a relaxed vibe that makes the stay more enjoyable.

The menu consists of standard munchies like coffee cake and blueberry muffins. GET lives up to their expectations by pouring La Colombe coffee. The high-end brand is available in drip coffee, but GET Cafe also serves Americano and Macchiato drinks. The shop also has a range of smoothies (their mango smoothie is delicious).

Despite these enticing options, I came for the regular coffee. I like getting started with a strong serving of black coffee. There is a comfort in knowing that my coffee is good enough to get me through the day. GET’s serving of Morning Joe exceeded my expectations. Not only was it a savory and perfect serving, but it was also affordable for such a great tasting cup.

Even better: the feeling of community in the shop. The warm atmosphere complements the coffee as well as any cream and sugar. Even just a few months in, the environment already feels like a longstanding local dive friendly to families and laptop-toting writers alike.

The knowledge that that your money goes to more than coffee makes it taste a little better, but it doesn’t hurt that the coffee is already outstanding too. GET Café is a wonderful addition to the shops and restaurants in Narberth. It has everything that you would want from a coffee joint (and more).

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