Top Podcasts For Phillies Fans

With Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins leading Philadelphia back into a pennant race, indulging in good Phillies baseball has never been this easy. Even during the 2007-11 run, the sheer number of blogs and podcasts at our disposal today were not available. Included in this list of top baseball podcasts for Phillies fans are shows from local beat writers, national reporters, and even Hall of Famers.


At The Yard This NBC Sports Philadelphia podcast is a must for Phillies fans. Hosted by Corey Seidman, the biweekly show gives in-depth information on Philly’s baseball club. Rotating co-hosts Ricky Bottalico and Jim Salisbury join Seidman. The variety allows for a great blend of objectivity. Seidman’s analytics, Bottalico’s experiences as a player, and Salisbury’s experiences with the club as a beat writer allow the podcast to avoid growing stale. That’s a tough feat for anyone covering a 162-game season.


Extra Innings This one is hosted by Philadelphia Inquirer writers Matt Breen, Bob Brookover, and Scott Lauber. The podcast takes a great macro look at the Phillies. Because it comes out every two weeks, Extra Innings does not get bogged down in the minutia of a baseball season.

94.1 and 97.5 often focus too much on the Eagles, Wentz-Foles, etc. When they talk Phils, it is with microscopic opinions that are disproportionate to baseball. The podcast holds up over the marathon that is the baseball schedule. A welcome break from more reactionary fan podcasts, the broadcast schedule ensures that this Phillies podcast does not get caught up in one game like sports talk radio.


Baseball Tonight When the Phillies are in a pennant race, it is more fun to follow MLB as a whole. Philadelphia fans often have to look outside of the local media to find good national coverage. Hosted by Buster Olney, ESPN’s show is by far the best national baseball podcast. BBTN posts five episodes a week. It features interviews with ESPN reporters, local beat writers, players, and front office personal. Olney’s show moves at a crisp pace and stays on top of different elements of the game, ranging from labor relations to graphic designer Todd Radom’s weekly uniform and logo quiz.


Everybody Hits The Athletic is three years old and is already a great source for sports writing. I was reluctant to sign up for The Athletic. I now admit to loving the high caliber of content on the site. One recent bonus to the site is their new baseball podcasts. It enhances the value of a subscription and is worth the money.

Like At The Yard, Everybody Hits offers a regular examination of the Phillies. Writers Matt Gelb and Bo Wulf host the podcast, (regular episodes on Monday and Thursday). Early inside jokes are Wulf’s high school pitching career. More serious topics include the Minor Leagues and the rotating bullpen cast.


Starkville – A new podcast from The Athletic, Starkville is a must-listen for all baseball fans. Hosted by Hall of Fame writer Jayson Stark and Phillies centerfielder Doug Glanville, the show takes a cerebral, yet fun look at the game. Epic tales on the podcast include how a column from Stark connected Glanville with Tyra Banks. The weekly show has seven “innings” that are led off by Stark’s trademark trivia.


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