Philly Fashion, Travel, Beauty Blogger Jennifer Huynh

As if being a critical care nurse isn’t cool enough, Jennifer Huynh is also a fashion, travel, and beauty blogger. Her site, fabul0uus, includes tips on hair products, style, and even advice on how to become a nurse. In her interview, Jennifer discusses how she grew her Instagram following to 11,000-plus and the importance of being yourself as a blogger. You can follow Jennifer Huynh on Instagram and Snapchat


The Flat Circle – What inspired you to become a blogger?

Jennifer Huynh – I always been a huge fan of social media! I’m the type to upload everything I eat on my story and love sharing cute outfit pics. It wasn’t until I started nursing school and was so stressed out, I decided to start it as a way to relieve stress. I love blogging and have a true passion for it, so it really became an outlet for me when I am feeling down.


TFC – What are your biggest obstacles as a blogger?

JH – Definitely balancing it with my full-time job and finding time to create content. I am a full time RN who works overnight so I feel like I am always tired and it’s hard adjusting to my sleep schedule. I don’t always have content planned and sometimes I have no inspiration and it gets frustrating.


TFC – Do you have any tips for new bloggers?

JH – First, don’t compare yourself to any other bloggers or try to be like them. It’s okay to be inspired but remember, it’s YOUR BLOG. You have to be genuine and do what makes you happy & what you are passionate about. Also, please have fun with your blog! It does get stressful at times trying to keep up with posting regularly, having a consistent feed, trying to create content, etc, but please try not to stress about it. You will end up dreading blogging when it’s supposed to be a fun thing 🙂


TFC – You have over 11,000 followers on Instagram. How did you build that kind of following and do you feel any extra pressure with a following that large?

JH – I started Instagram back in 2010 and had 2000 followers by 2016 just from friends and people I knew. In 2016, I started blogging in October 2018 and grew to like 4000 followers the next year. From 2016-2017, I was still new so I was figuring out my niche and my editing style to create a cohesive feed. In addition, I was only posting like 2-3 times a week and was not consistent. From 2017 until now, I started to have a more cohesive feed by having the same or similar edits in Lightroom, and planning my feed with the app UNUM. I started to post more consistently.

Lastly, I started to engage more with other bloggers. This means following bloggers with the same niche as me and commenting them back. Trust me, you will get engagement back. I’m also in a few “Instagram pods” which are basically a group of bloggers who will post their picture in the group and everyone has to like or comment it. In the beginning, I only cared about likes and joined these big pods and it got tiring and unauthentic. I was just liking people’s posts blindly and most of these posts, I actually did not like so it was not genuine at all. I would not suggest being in big ones but I do have a few small ones I am, with the same niche as me, for support and engagement and I really love being a part of that. Just don’t worry too much about numbers and focus on your audience and being genuine 🙂

In addition, I started to join few Philadelphia blogger groups on Facebook for engagement and networking. It is SO rewarding connecting with other bloggers in the area because you get to network as well as have people you can shoot content with! Being apart of these groups allowed me to go out to more Philly based events where I met other bloggers/influencers to network. We also support each other out with blogging advice and showing each other love on our blog posts.

To sum it up: be consistent, have a consistent feed, and ENGAGE (online and in person).

Philly's Jennifer Huynh is a fashion, travel, and beauty blogger.
Philly’s Jennifer Huynh is a fashion, travel, and beauty blogger.


TFC –  On a busy social media platform like Instagram, is it hard to stand out among other influencers?

JH – It definitely is but like I said before, you have to be yourself in order to stand out. Instagram is so saturated with the same thing over and over again so definitely be different to stand out and do what makes you happy, not what you think is going to please others.


TFC – As if blogging was not busy enough, you are also a registered nurse. How do you manage your time and balance both?

JH – I have a regular Google calendar with my work schedule and events schedule as well as a content calendar to plan out my collabs and sponsored posts. I use the app UNUM so I can plan out my feed and keep up with deadlines. I’m so glad I am a nurse because I only work 3 days a week so I have 4 days off. I definitely take advantage of my days off to plan and shoot content. It’s all about being organized and planning ahead.


TFC – You post on a wide range of categories, including different aspects of travel, cooking, and fashion. Are there unique aspects to writing about each topic or are you able to approach every post similarly?

JH – Every subject is a little different because it requires different research but the approach is still the same. I would have an idea or be inspired by something and I would research on the topic, start drafting a post, and then go shoot pictures to go along with the blog. Pictures are so important to me to include in the blog posts because it’s all about the visuals and aesthetics.


TFC – IF you were marooned on a desert island, what book, movie, TV box set, or album are you taking with you?

JH – Book: Confessions of a Shopaholic or anything from Sophia Kinsella.

TV Box Set: Gossip Girls or Grey’s Anatomy.

Album: Anything from N’SYNC or Backstreet Boys.


TFC: Is there a luxury item that you would have to take with you?

JH: As long as I have my cell phone, it’s all I need!



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