Sopranos: Peppers & Eggs Soundtrack Review

Few television series implemented music as well as The Sopranos. The HBO show featured an incredible soundtrack comprised of different styles of rock, standards, classical music, and R&B. Music from the series was reissued for Record Store Day this year. The re-released Sopranos: Peppers & Eggs vinyl not only made for one of the standouts on the RSD List, but is a terrific listening experience for fans of the series.

The Music Of The Sopranos

Along with Breaking Bad, The Americans, and Insecure, The Sopranos possesses one of the best TV show soundtracks of all-time. Each of those soundtracks stand out beyond the quality of the songs. Smart music selections often augmented important scenes and became intertwined with the legacy of each series.

The most famous usage of music on The Sopranos was Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” in the series finale. Anther memorable song on the show was The Kink’s “Living On A Thin Line.” The Kinks song bookended the Season 3 episode “University,” one of the most devastating hours of the show’s run.

The music for the mafia series was compiled with the assistance of Steven Van Zandt. The E-Street band guitar player not only acted as Silvio Dante on the series, but also served as a music consigliere. Unsurprisingly, E-Street bandmates Bruce Springsteen and Nils Lofgren are among the artists who contributed to the soundtrack.

Van Zandt also played a role in curating the soundtrack of Sopranos creator David Chase’s film Not Fade Away.

Sopranos: Peppers & Eggs Vinyl Reissue

The Peppers & Eggs soundtrack was originally released in 2001. It was among a group of soundtracks (Office Space, Breaking Bad) that were reissued for Record Store Day this year. The double LP Record Store Day vinyl is limited to 1,000 copies.

The impressive-looking Peppers & Eggs vinyl is shaded in “Prozac & booze.” Each disc has a light green base coat that is interrupted by a dark splash. The label of Side B is marked with a photo of Satriale’s Pork Store. Side C contains the Bada Bing! strip club logo. The cover and gatefold have drawings of the Sopranos crew, ranging from Tony and Janice to Paulie Walnuts.

Peppers & Eggs Songs

The compilation begins with a killer remix of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” and the Theme From Peter Gunn. The eclectic album never settles into one genre, bouncing between  music like Bob Dylan, Ben E. King, and an instrumental from The Pretenders.

Three underrated Classic Rock tracks stand as highlights. In addition to The Kinks’ “Living On A Thin Line,” The Rolling Stones’ low key “Thru and Thru” and Keith Richards’ live song “Make No Mistake” are brilliant. Each shines a light on obscurities from legendary discographies that Janice Soprano would have tried to get her hands on. Peppers & Eggs even goes from Cake’s relaxed “Frank Sinatra” to the Chairman of the Board’s “Baubles, Bangles, and Beads.”

Two iconic tracks are missing from Peppers & Eggs. Alabama 3’s “Woke Up This Morning,” and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” are not on the compilation. The Chosen One mix of “Woke Up This Morning” is on the album The Sopranos: Music From The HBO Series. That excellent version of the soundtrack includes songs from Cream, Them, and Frank Sinatra.

The randomness of the song selection makes Peppers & Eggs unusual. It is difficult to settle into any one side of the record without being surprised by the order of the music. Going from The Pretenders to Junior Soprano’s “Core ‘ngrato” is atypical to say the least, but makes for a tremendous listening experience.


The Sopranos: Peppers & Eggs Track List

Side A

  • The Police & Henry Manxini – Every Breath You Take/Theme From Peter Gunn (Mr. Ruggerio’s Remix)
  • Pigeonhead – Battle Flag
  • The Campell Brothers with Katie Jackson – I’ve Got A Feeling
  • Kasey Chambers – The Captain
  • R.L. Burnside – Shuck Dub
  • The Lost Boy – Affection

Side B

  • Otis Redding – My Lover’s Prayer
  • Madreblue – Certamente
  • Nils Lofgren – Black Books
  • Cake – Frank Sinatra
  • Frank Sinatra – Baubles, Bangles, and Beads
  • The Rolling Stones – Thru and Thru

Side C

  • Elvis Costello & The Attractions – High Fidelity
  • The Kinks – Living On A Thin Line
  • Vue – Girl
  • Cecilia Bartoli – Vivaldi: Sposa son disprezzata
  • Ben E. King – I Who Have Nothing
  • Bob Dylan – Return To Me
  • Keith Richards – Make No Mistake

Side D

  • Lorenzo Jovanotti – Piove
  • The Pretenders – Space Invaders
  • Tindersticks – Tiny Tears
  • Van Morrison – Gloria
  • Dominic Chianese – Core ‘ngrato
  • Dialogue From “The Sopranos”


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