Punk Newbies Starcrawler And “Hollywood Ending”

Last week I caught the end of a great new song as I was flipping from station to station on my way home from work. I had no idea what the rest of the track was, but its rush of guitars and anthemic reach made me want to listen to everything from this new band. Just like Milo Green last November, the last few notes of Starcrawler’s “Hollywood Ending” were enough to hook me.

If that commute was not enough, the L.A. band came across my radar a couple of days later during my first-ever listen to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. The comedian mentioned how much he was blown away by Starcrawler as an opener for MC5 before his interview with Kurt Vile.

Who are Starcrawler?

Formed in 2015-16, the four piece band are fronted by Arrow de Wilde. Not only is she an incredible presence in the group’s studio work, but de Wilde has also drawn praise for her live performances as well.

Starcrawler released their self-titled debut record in 2018. Almost every song on the album is a quick punch in the gut. No song tops four minutes. With the exception of de Wilde’s melancholic “Tears,” each one has has a terrific pop punk, punk, or glam rock sound.

Produced by Ryan Adams, the record sounds like it could have been pulled from the Joan Jett or Runaways archive.

“Hollywood Ending”

Starcrawler’s best song, however, is not on their debut. The single “Hollywood Ending” was released in November along with the b-side “Tank Top.”

“Hollywood Ending” is less punky than the work on the record, but stays within the sound of the debut album. The track does not have the choppy chords and drums of its predecessors. The radio-friendly single manages to pack tight lyrics and a minute-plus shredder into a son that is three-and-half-minutes.

With a great first album and single already under their belt, Starcrawler is poised to make a big push in 2019.

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