Indie Album Review: Milo Greene’s Adult Contemporary

When I left a showing of Creed 2 last week, I was thinking about the boxing movie’s surprisingly layered story and did not expect to become immediately interested in another artistic endeavor. The catchy beats of Milo Greene’s “Move” were hard to miss when I started the car, even if it was just for the final few notes.

Adult Contemporary

One of two singles from the new album Adult Contemporary, “Move” is a song defined by a mesmerizing groove and the lyrics “all your other lovers want to dance with you, but I’m the only one who makes you want to move.”

The amazing single is not an aberration. The fluid record dabbles in different sounds. Eighties synth, Americana, and indie pop are all touched on in the LP. In addition to “Move,” “Your Eyes,” “Please Don’t,” and “Wolves” are the standout tracks on the record.

What I love most about Milo Greene is that they are not stuck on one sound. This goes beyond a vocal collective that trade off on singing lead. By incorporating different styles of music, they have created a complete album that goes beyond an intriguing snippet heard on the radio.

Milo Greene recalls other bands who share lead vocals like The Paper Kites and Kopecky. Musically, there is also common ground with the Dum Dum Girls and Frankie Rose.

Who Are Milo Greene?

Milo Greene are a four-piece group based out of Los Angeles. Members Robbie Arnett, Graham Fink, and Marlana Sheetz share vocals. Drummer Curtis Marrero fills the band’s percussion duties.

The group put out their self-titled debut in 2012. They first gained attention through their single “1957.” The band’s short film Moddison is an extended music video that includes every song on the record. At 37 minutes long, the album movie is an interesting, although sometimes dizzying indie film concept.

Milo Greene have since put out the record Control and toured with The Civil Wars.

Adult Contemporary was released on September 7. The LP was recorded in Nashville with former Band of Horses bassist Bill Reynolds.

Following the release of Adult Contemporary, Milo Greene embarked on a two-month North American tour. They do not currently have any new tour dates scheduled.

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