Underrated And Funny Netflix Comedies

There is so much content on Netflix that is difficult to find comedy worth watching. Yes, shows like The Good Place and New Girl are available, but sometimes the best Netflix series fly under the radar. This edition of Smart TV recommends three underrated Netflix comedies. Two are Netflix originals. One is a short season Canadian series available through Netflix.

Disenchantment (Netflix Original Comedy)

Disenchantment is a fantasy animated series with adult-targeted humor. The main character is Princess Bean, a feminist princess who lives in a medieval castle. Bean runs into teenage predicaments with partners in crime Luci and Elfo.

If the beer drinking and animation in Disenchantment remind you of other cartoons, Matt Groening (The Simpson, Futurama) is the show’s creator. The characters are voiced by a cast that includes Abbi Jacobson, Eric Andre, and Maurice LaMarche.

Abbi Jacobson voices Princess Bean, the main character of the animated Netflix comedy show Disenchantment
Abbi Jacobson voices Princess Bean, the main character of the animated Netflix comedy show Disenchantment

Disenchantment is a tricky review. The series begins slowly, but gradually improves throughout the first season. As time goes on, additional characters add funny scenarios that are not present in the few few episodes. The series has a solid premise and is worth keeping an eye on as more episodes are released.

The second half of Disenchantment’s first season will air in 2019. The series has been renewed for additional episodes. Season Two of Disenchantment will be available in 2020 or 2021.

Schitt’s Creek (CBC Comedy)

Schitt’s Creek is one of the most underrated Netflix comedies. Produced by the CBC, the sitcom is the brain child of Eugene and Daniel Levy. The Levys also play members of the wealthy Rose family. After the Roses suddenly lose their riches due to financial mismanagement, they are relegated to living in the ho-dunk town of Schitt’s Creek. Chris Elliot portrays the mayor of Schitt’s Creek.

Catherine O'Hara as Moira Rose In the Netflix Comedy Show Schitt's Creek
Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose In the CBC/Netflix comedy show Schitt’s Creek

The Canadian series has a strong ensemble cast, but Catherine O’Hara steals every episode. The actress excels as hasbeen soap opera star Moira Rose. Her outlandish wardrobe and theatrical demeanor set the fish-out-of-water show’s GIF-worthy tone.

I am caught up through two seasons of Schitt’s Creek. To date, watching O’Hara and her family mingle with salt of the earth people has not grown stale. The series continually finds new ways to keep the story fresh. Johnny, David, Moira, and Alexis Rose are the perfect contrast to Elliot’s bumbling character and the small town.

Netflix has every episode of Schitt’s Creek through Season 4. Season 5 is scheduled to air on the CBC in 2019.

American Vandal (Netflix Original Series)

Obscene drawings. Illicit poop scandals. The hilarity of both misdeeds should have peaked in high school, yet American Vandal has found a way to make these crimes into an addictive Netflix comedy show.

Season 1 and Season 2 of American Vandal have used teenage stunts as the muse for mockumentaries. The cast is largely comprised of young actors with only two “documentary” makers as recurring members.

Mockumentarians are the stars of the Netflix comedy show American Vandal
Mockumentarians are the stars of the Netflix comedy show American Vandal

It may seem like the ceiling on a phallic doodle whodunit can only be so high. American Vandal uses overly dramatic documentary techniques to create a faux authenticity. Sometimes it is hard not to believe that it is a real documentary (although the subject matter has a way of keeping the falsity in mind). This quality heightens the show’s comedy.

Of the original Netflix comedies that I have seen, this would benefit the most from shorter seasons. Eight episodes of a high school scandal does test my patience. Four or five would be sufficient, but you can’t stop watching American Vandal after hearing the first details.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve been thinking about watching Disenchantment and have been looking around for some reviews! It’s added now to my queue!



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