Philly Lifestyle Blogger Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore is a Philadelphia-area Digital Design Strategist. Her lifestyle blog, smoorelovin, is dedicated to an eclectic group of interests that include travel, wellness, and style. In just 2018 alone, she has posted on a trip to New Orleans, skincare, and fashion. During her interview with The Flat Circle, Sarah discussed how she became interested in blogging and her bucket list of travel destinations. 


Flat Circle: When did you become interested in blogging?

Sarah Moore: When I was a sophomore in college a professor showed us (what was then) a digital inspiration blog called Design Love Fest. It was set up like a tumblr, Bri would share images she had found on the Internet that day, things she was inspired by, photo shoots of herself that she had styled… I loved that she was using this space to make a portfolio for herself that compensated for what she wasn’t able to gain experience with at work. Since then she has started her own design company, had collabs with major stores like Target, taught workshop series around the world while we all follow along on the blog. I love that and it is absolutely what got me into the idea of blogging.


FC: What are some of the challenges that you have encountered as a blogger?

SM: My biggest struggle has been the numbers that are associated with blogging. It can be really tough to put so much time and effort into creating something you are proud of only to have it fall flat with your audience. I regularly have to give myself pep talks to remind myself that I started this as a fun side project, not to have it take over my life. Keeping that mindset brings the fun back in and helps to squash the comparison game.

It is also tough for me to balance the voice from my professional brain as a business strategist and Interactive Designer with the blogger voice that is supposed to be a creative outlet. I recently re-designed my site and that has started to help it feel a bit more like the platform I have envisioned for years. It is very much in progress, but I finally realized that I have to start that evolution somewhere and the new site design is definitely headed in the right direction.


FC: You cover travel, style, and a variety of creative topics. Is it difficult to juggle multiple topics in one blog? 

SM: Not at all. smoorelovin is intended to be a space for creative who work 9-5 jobs and have a few personal projects on the side to come for inspiration. I love that it is a space that reminds you that each segment of you is a part of the whole, and they all need to be respected and nourished for you to succeed and feel whole. In part, smoorelovin is a representation of me and my interests (the things that support my creativity), and I am many things. For me to share one small section wouldn’t feel authentic. It adds a level of complexity and certainly makes growing my niche more complicated, but I would rather experience slow growth of deeply invested readers than quick but shallow relationships.

Right now I am most excited about an interview series I have started that asks creatives 21 questions to help us get to know them a bit. It has been really cool to get the responses and I love that people have been so willing to participate! I launched the first interview a couple of weeks ago with Jon Shockness, a musician and activist based out of Denver. I have a bunch lined up with illustrators, designers and creative directors that I can’t wait to share!


FC: You have shared a few playlists on smoorelovin. Each one is related to different moods. Is there any type of music or an artist that you listen when you are writing or in a creative mindset?

SM: My music is all over the place! I usually choose based on what I need the music to do in that time – when I am working on wood projects using power tools, I opt for something that won’t get drowned out by the saw that is a little more up-beat like Perk You Up Playlist.  When I am sketching and need to keep my heart rate low I tend to go for mellower tunes like The Thrill Is Gone Playlist

Know Your Philly Blogger: Sarah Moore

FC: Does the culture of Philadelphia impact your sense of style (especially when you engage in a home makeover project)?

SM: Absolutely, but so does growing up in Colorado, spending a semester in Australia, and every trip I have ever taken. The beauty of personal style is that it evolves and grows with you. Every influential experience, person you meet, and place you visit impacts what you see as attractive. I definitely think that translates into how you style yourself or your home. I love decorating my home with things that I have collected over the years or find useful rather than running to target and picking up a pre-designed set of knick-knacks to give a room its finishing touches. I frame things like cool stamps that I have received in the mail over the years or pretty sugar packets from a restaurant where I have a fond memory. So in a literal sense there are objects from Philadelphia spots that are meaningful to me that are in my home, but it’s certainly been influential figuratively too.


FC: You have posted on a lot of outdoor spots that you have traveled to. What are some locations in the Philadelphia area that you would recommend to people looking to explore the great outdoors?

SM: I think the Wissahickon is always a great spot to explore that is so convenient for anyone living in Philly. There are some really beautiful hikes a bit further out, but I love that the Wissahickon is so easily accessible from the city. I also really enjoy going to Valley Forge and walking through some of the deeper trails there. Both places are super easy to navigate and the difficulty level is very approachable too.


FC: What is your top bucket list travel destination?

SM: Such a difficult list to narrow down, it honestly changes with every trip I take. I think my next big trip will be to either Croatia, Turkey, or Spain. I just got back from Paris and am so smitten with the city that it’s hard to not just use my next vacation time to go there again! I also feel that way about Budapest though haha, so I may just want to move LOL.


FC: If you are traveling and find yourself marooned on a desert island, what book, movie or TV box set, and luxury item are you taking with you?

SM: I would probably go with the Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes so there would be some nice variety in there. The full set of Harry Potter movies and a lifetime supply of lattes because caffeine.


You can learn more about Sarah Moore by visiting her blog and following her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

This is the fifth post in a recurring spotlight series on Philadelphia bloggers. You can check out the most recent interview with Philly blogger Chrystina Cappello, click here.


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  1. I’m digging Sarah’s new site design, but even more so, she always seems like such an interesting person with a fun, wide-ranging lists of interests and experiences. It’s refreshing that she’s focused on an audience not a lot of people tackle – people who work full time but don’t define themselves as one thing. Cool interview!


    1. Thanks for reading! It is an interesting tact that gets away from the “niche” aspect of blogging, but ultimately defines what a lot of lifestyle/personal blogs can do so well.



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