Interview: The Roommates Podcast Host Chris Below

The Roommates is one of the most popular podcasts going right now now. The Houston-based podcast brings in guests to add insight on a diverse range of topics. They brand themselves “comedic like a stand up, captivating like a Ted Talk, and uplifting like a sermon.” Chris Below, co-host of The Roommates, answered a few questions about podcasts, the guest he wants to interview the most, and the album he would bring to a desert island:

The Flat Circle: There are so many podcasts out there right now. It can be difficult to stand apart from such a crowded field. What are the keys to making a podcast successful in 2018?

Chris Below: “Consistency, Branding, and have a good product. If you can keep the podcast going and be consistent, then you have a shot of being successful. You have to brand your podcast to people who listen to podcast weekly and if the podcast is good, then it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a hit.”


TFC: Do you take notes from other podcasts or are you only focused on bringing your own style into the show?

C: “I only take notes to guide the conversation in the direction that we want to go in but we typically don’t prepare because we want it to be natural conversation, not a list of questions.”


TFC: A first impression is everything when you are trying to grow an audience. What do you want people to hear when they listen to the first minutes of The Roommates so that they can become regular subscribers?

C: “We want our listeners to know that we strive to be entertaining, educational, and enlightening in each podcast.”


TFC: The Roommates has a diverse list of guests. What qualities are you looking for when you book guests for the podcast?

C: “I look for people that I can learn from. If I feel like I can grow from this conversation then so can our listeners.”

Chris and Hafeez: Hosts of The Roommates podcast

TFC: Have there been any guests on The Roommates who have changed your perspective on something?

C: “EP 77 with Mel: Her stance on Men changing the narrative about raising their sons the correct and respectable why. Also, challenging men to hold each other accountable when we disrespect women.”

TFC: If you could interview one person for your podcast, who would it be?

C: “Lebron James. I have watched Lebron grow from a 18 year old high school to a NBA Legend. His impacted on and off the court is legendary. I just want to pick his brain and ask the questions that a young fan would ask.”


TFC: I am going to maroon you on a desert island for my last question. You get to take one luxury item, movie, album, and TV show box set with you. What would you want to take with you to pass the time?

C:  “Movie: Bad Boys 2. TV Show Box Set: Martin. Album: Good Kid Madd City – Kendrick Lamar. Item: My iPhone”


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