ICYMI: The Flat Circle’s June Recap

June was my busiest month as a blogger yet. I worked with a few different writers and diversified the content that appears on this site. By the end of the month, I was glad that my blog had increased its traffic, but I was more pleased that I had expanded The Flat Circle’s workload. Hopefully that has resulted in a better experience for readers.

The Flat Circle’s first ever guest collaborator, Elizabeth Auwarter of The Recovering Perfectionist, wrote about the television series Supergirl. Another writer, theatre blogger Mark Robinson, provided his thoughts on Broadway and the Tony Awards in an interview.

I also published a post on the relaxation powers of music for The Recovering Perfectionist and co-wrote a piece on sitcom dads with Andy Shaw of Instafather.

Here are other Flat Circle highlights and happenings from June 2018:


One hobby that I began working on was photography. I realized that I had to improve my photography skills when I wrote my blog post on Courtney Barnett’s Union Transfer concert. When I compared my photos with shots from other websites, I knew that grainy cell phone pictures were not going to cut it anymore.

I have been amazed at how much there is to learn about photography. Every now and then I think I am pretty good. There are more moments where I am the worst photographer in the world. I was pleased with some of my photos from the West Philly Porchfest, but I am learning more about how the environment around me impacts the quality of my photos. Hopefully, that will result in fewer photos like this:

Why I Need To Work On Photography: Exhibit A

The setting was a major hurtle at Spruce Street Harbor Park, where there is a unique lighting system in place that poses a challenge. As the summer goes on I hope to improve the quality of my photography. There are so many great local events that I want to spotlight. Better photos will bring out the best of those moments.


I was especially happy that I had expanded my Philadelphia content. For prospective cord cutters, I wrote a comparison of streaming services in Philadelphia. I also published a guide on summer concerts, enjoyed the West Philly Porchfest, and reviewed Spruce Street Harbor Park. The Penn’s Landing park is one of the best spots in Philadelphia and it will not be my last visit.

I received great responses on each of those pieces. The reaction was encouraging and I will continue to work on blog posts that provides value for readers who live in the City of Brotherly Love.


I saw one new film this month, the star-laden heist film Ocean’s 8. I enjoyed the movie because the trio of Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, and Cate Blanchett was great. With that in mind, Ocean’s 8 fell short from a creative standpoint and did not measure up to its predecessors.

Ocean's 8

The trailer for Creed II dropped last week. If the trailer is any indication, we could be in for one of the best Rocky sequels yet. Creed II will feature a fight between Adonis Creed and Viktor Drago. This is a matchup of the sons of Russian and U.S. characters 33 years in the making and I cannot wait.

A trailer for the Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper film A Star Is Born was also released in June. It is a movie with the kind of instant appeal that will garner attention for the next Academy Award season.


In addition to Elizabeth Auwarter’s post on Supergirl and my piece on cord cutting, I looked at a rare television crossover from two of the most interesting celebrities in the world.

Musician Josh Homme was a guest on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations in 2011. Homme, the lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age, took Bourdain on a tour of California’s Mojave Desert. The episode featured a good amount of tequila, a sound bath, and a trip to the famous Rancho de la Luna recording studios. It is a fascinating episode created by two kindred spirits.


I digested a lot of music in June. I finally caught up with a new album from one of my favorite bands, The Paper Kites. I also took a trip down memory lane and listened to a modern-day classic from The War On Drugs. Their debut album, Wagonwheel Blues, celebrated its tenth anniversary last month.

The War On Drugs Wagonwheel Blues

I reviewed a slew of new music, but none stood out to me more than Agency’s Exponents. The EP has a lot of appeal for an audience looking for a great new R&B group to follow.


Even though the heat will be closing in on one hundred degrees in Philadelphia this week, I will be looking forward to some of the great outdoor concerts around the area in July.

An event that I will be attending (that was not included in my free concert guide) is Manayunk’s Stroll The Street. It takes place on Thursday evenings through August 23 and features live music and specials from the shops and restaurants on and around Main Street.

One last note: I finally stopped being a bad Millennial and joined Instagram. You can follow me at @flatcircleblog.

      -John Saeger



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