Review: Agency’s Exponents EP

Agency is an R&B duo whose background and identity are a mystery, but their music is golden. Their new EP Exponents is a beautiful five-song effort that draws from different elements of R&B to create dynamic music.

Exponents dropped on May 11. It is Agency’s second project of 2018. They also released the full-length record Philosophies earlier this year.

I was unable to find much information on Agency. I know that there are two men in Agency… and that is it.

I always try to dig into an artist’s background when I find new music that I enjoy. A musician’s story often has a way of illuminating their art. Agency’s unknown forced me to pay attention more to their music. That is a fitting way to digest a group that wants the music to be their story.

Agency’s Exponents EP

Agency has amazing talent as both producers and singers. They are pop-savvy and sophisticated. Exponents is filled with entrancing rhythm and vocals. Their keen abilities are introduced in the first track, “DARKNESS,” which experiments with various types of sounds in one song.

“DARKKNESS” begins with a little glee-style scatting before launching into power vocals. Later in the song, Agency transitions into a pop rhythm while looking back at a relationship in tatters. The passion with which Agency delivers their vocals is incredible. “DARKKNESS” is a must-listen track for fans of contemporary R&B. It also defines the rest of Exponents, an EP that does not rest on just one genre.

There are so many styles in “DARKNESS” that it is easy to think you are listening to a few tracks. In reality, you have been listening to the same experimental song the entire time. It is a brilliant way to keep a listener attentive.

The constantly-changing style continues in the next track, “Moonlight,” which shows Agency’s softer side. The following song, “Daylight,” is a great laid-back track that has a Caribbean feel.

Exponents is capped by two songs, “is there some other version of my story?” and “nothing easy about me.” Both tracks emphasize emotional stories over rhythms, a side of Agency that is defined by the lyrics “there’s a purpose beyond what my human heart can take.”

Even though there are only five songs in Exponents, Agency’s EP is so multi-faceted that it presents an enjoyable and complex listening experience.

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