Review: Pale Blue Dot’s Anatomy

Over the last 30 years, Charlottesville, Virginia has been home to a few artists with an ability to create memorable music. Members of the Dave Matthews Band, Maxine Jones (En Vogue), and Steven Malkmus (Pavement) have all called the city home at one point. Another intriguing group of musicians from Charlottesville, Pale Blue Dot, recently put out the album Anatomy.

The record is the band’s first full-length album. The nine-track Anatomy was released on May 25. It is the first studio effort from Pale Blue Dot since their 2016 EP, Telescopes.

Anatomy is a solid collection of songs penned by singer Tony LaRocco. Fans of bands that sound like Foo Fighters may find Pale Blue Dot appealing. Pale Blue Dot utilizes a similar style of alternative rock: an emphasis on guitar and drums that is both anthemic and melodic.

The album opens with “I Know,” a song with a driving beat that belies its remorseful lyrics. The track is a great introduction to Pale Blue Dot’s music. It reveals LaRocco’s songwriting and the band’s musical chops. Just a few notes in and you get a proper sense of what the group is about.

Anatomy is not a record of regret, but it does pack some serious emotion. LaRocco unleashes introspective lyrics throughout the LP, nominally in the songs “Dust and Light” and “Stained Glass Window.”

One of the best songs on Anatomy is hidden near the end of the album. “Suitcase” showcases the best attributes of Pale Blue Dot that will likely translate to live performances: earnest vocals, an attention-grabbing guitar solo, and a song about a man who would do just about anything for his love.

Pale Blue Dot was able to recruit some star power for Anatomy. Dave Matthews associates Butch Taylor and John D’Earth played on the album. Johnny Stubblefield (Parachute) and Sam Wilson (Sons of Bill) also contributed to the LP.

Pale Blue Dot may turn out to be an interesting band to follow. There have a good base of work and support from musicians with considerable experience.

LaRocco plays guitar and sings in Pale Blue Dot, a band that he also founded. Pale Blue Dot features Peter Balogh (guitar), Drew Pampano (bass), and Darby Wooten (drums).

Pale Blue Dot currently has gigs scheduled for a summer 2018 tour that includes dates in Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Listen to Pale Blue Dot’s Anatomy:


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