Review: N.ave’s Black Magic EP

On April 24 Philadelphia-area hip-hop artist N.ave released Black Magic. The four-song EP flaunts blunt lyrics backed by catchy production. Black Magic is N.ave’s first record of 2018 and second release from within the past year.

Each of the four songs on Black Magic incorporates different production styles. N.ave shares vocals on the first two songs, “Dead Roses” and “Gravity.” IDK and T. Nayah also performed on Black Magic. IDK contributed to the lead track “Dead Roses.” T. Nayah joined N.ave for “Gravity.”

On “Dosumdiffrint” N.ave speeds up to flaunt his MC skills. The up-tempo pace of the track worked well on the EP because it emphasizes the slow beat of the follow-up song “Black Magic (City of Dreams).”

“Gravity” is the best song on Black Magic. On the track N.ave name drops Floyd Mayweather and asks “If the limit is the sky, why I’m walking on water?”

N.ave originates from New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is currently based out of Philadelphia.

In 2015 N.ave released a music video for the single “Cosby Kids.” The song reflects on a past era in the narrator’s life. The comedian’s recent conviction for aggravated indecent assault makes the track become more intriguing as a listener. Since “Cosby Kids” is looking back, the innocence of that era is even more shattered by the now-broken feelings of fans.

“Cosby Kids” was a part of N.ave’s EP Black Professional. That EP was released in December on Spotify. You can listen to both Black Professional and Black Magic on Soundcloud.

The music video for N.ave’s “Gravity” (ft. IDK) – 

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