Review: Iuliano’s “Who Knows”

Iuliano draws from multiple styles of music on his new single “Who Knows.” The result is an intriguing song from the Italian experimental-alternative artist.

In “Who Knows,” Iuliano initially deploys soft vocals like Elliott Smith. The vocals are backed by both rumbling drums and delicate guitar strumming that constantly sound as if they are going to lead to something more explosive, but “Who Knows” perpetually builds without a defining moment. Iuliano returns the track to its tentative bridge every time that it appears to be ready to explode and develops no true crescendo.

The result is music that sounds like Gotye. While Iuliano does not share vocals as the Belgian-Australian artist did on “Somebody That I Used To Know,” the song does contain a similar experimentalism to the massive 2011 single.

“Who Knows” was put out on digital platforms on April 15, 2018.

Iuliano also recorded the EP Hidden Roots. The EP is slated to be released on an unknown date later this year. In addition to “Who Knows,” the other songs on the EP are “The Hidden Root,” “Comfortable Lies,” “Not A Sound,” and “Help Me.”

Like “Who Knows,” the remaining tracks on the five-song Hidden Roots are composed of different styles that fall under the experimental umbrella. While most of the songs are interesting listens, none of them stand apart from “Who Knows.”

Iuliano also released a video for “Who Knows.” Like the music itself, the kaleidoscope effects in the video mix different artistic elements together.

The video for Iuliano’s “Who Knows” –

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