Review: Eric Frisch Is A Songwriter To Watch

Every once in awhile you run across a new artist and it takes only a few notes to be hooked. This is the case with Eric Frisch. The singer-songwriter has a knack for drawing from different aspects of folk music and spinning them into an eclectic collection of enjoyable songs that draw you in on the first chords.

Eric Frisch is originally from Toronto, but is currently based in New York City. On April 28, 2018, Frisch released the singles “Head Up In The Clouds,” “Angeline,” and “I Can’t Sing With A Broken Heart.” Those songs contain a diverse folk influence that sounds like The Avett Brothers and Good Old War.

That folk sound is instantly apparent in the song “Head Up In The Clouds.” It is a simple, yet wonderful reflection on the narrator’s life. In the song Frisch admits that he has been oblivious to so much, yet now realizes that he has something to stand for.


Singer-songwriter Eric Frisch

Frisch is also capable of capturing a sound that is reminiscent of one of folk music’s greatest influencers. In “I Can’t Sing With A Broken Heart,” Frisch serenades with an affect that is reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel’s timeless style.

Another great classic-sounding track from Frisch is the single “Angeline.” A beautiful ode to a crush, he used a stripped-down approach to create an intimate vibe. The feeling lasts through “Angeline,” a bit of a throwback song that sounds like it could have been recorded in almost any decade.

It is in his 2016 song “The Light Ahead” where Frisch best reveals similarities with the folk band Good Old War. Like Good Old War, the warm layers of up-tempo harmony create an uplifting feeling as Frisch reflects on his past and reaches towards an undefined end.

Even though his body of work is scattered into a handful of singles and the 2017 EP Late In The Night, Eric Frisch is a songwriter who should be taken notice of. His lyrics give off the feeling that he is a perpetually contemplative observer. At the same time, Frisch balances this reflective quality with accessible storytelling that makes each song feel like a story that you have to listen to.

His talent as a songwriter is not just apparent through his lyrics. Frisch also takes from enough different styles of folk music that he could fill up an album. Frisch’s music does not feel repetitive during Late In The Night or his in other four singles.

Erich Frisch does not currently have any tour dates scheduled. Frisch can be found through his website and Spotify.

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