Queen Of Jeans Cover “Walk Like An Egyptian”

Today is Mother’s Day. Even though it is one of the most important holidays of the year, it is tough to hunt down good Mother’s Day music. The Intruders, Pink Floyd, John Lennon, and LL Cool J all have music about Mom, but none of those artists made a fun music video with their mothers quite like Philadelphia’s Queen of Jeans.

One of Philadelphia’s rising Indie bands, the Queen of Jeans cover of The Bangles “Walk Like An Egyptian” in 2016. The perpetual catchiness of the 1986 mega-single is still intact, but the band added a bit of a retro Surf Rock vibe to the song. The throwback feeling is very much a part of Queen of Jeans’ style. By tying their sound with The Bangles’ preexisting classic, Queen of Jeans created a great cover.

The band enlisted their moms to star in the video for “Walk Like An Egyptian.” In the video, the assembled mothers “played” The Bangles’ classic with very unplugged instruments. The band members themselves were nearby, adding direction as faux members of the video crew.

Even though “Walk Like An Egyptian” isn’t exactly Mother’s Day music, the spirit of Queen of Jeans’ video embodies the spirit of the holiday: spend time with your mom and have a little fun. Waiting two hours for a table to be ready at brunch is recommended, but only optional.

Queen of Jeans released their self-titled EP in 2016. The group put out their first album, Dig Yourself, earlier this year. The album contains a great collection of songs that balances great vocals and sleek guitar work. The song “Clever Hands” is a personal favorite. The band is currently touring in support of Dig Yourself. 

 Queen of Jeans’ Walk Like An Egyptian:

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