Chris Shiflett’s Walking The Floor Podcast Is A Musical Education

As the name would suggest, Americana is a vast music genre. So much music has emanated from different bars, honky-tonks, and recording studios that it can be hard to wrap your head around the entirety of any music scene. The podcast Walking The Floor interviews such a unique number of artists that each episode is a musical education that is hard to find anywhere else. Hosted by Foo Fighters guitar player Chris Shiflett, Walking The Floor is mandatory listening for anyone interested in music or even just understanding different aspects of the American experience.
Shiflett has interviewed an intriguing group of musicians throughout the one hundred-plus episodes of Walking The Floor. Younger artists like Lukas Nelson, Justin Towns Earle, Dave Hause, Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes), and Jason Isbell have been featured on the podcast. A tremendous number of veterans and superstars like Steve Earle, Robbie Robertson, Ray Benson, Bob Mould, Marty Stuart, and Lucinda Williams, Lee Ann Womack, Chris Stapleton, Sheryl Crow, and Brad Paisley have all walked the floor and delivered insightful interviews.
Even thought they all became musicians, every one of these artists has a different story. A byproduct of listening to a podcast whose guests are selected as well as Walking The Floor’s ensemble is that so many different backgrounds all come together in one place. Shiflett not only interviews the musicians about their career, but also their upbringing as well. In the country genre that is especially unique because it includes stories like Lillie Mae growing up in a touring family band, Chris Stapleton’s stint as a Nashville songwriter, Pokey Lafarge’s busking, and Marty Stuart’s youth on the country touring circuit.
This podcast is particularly valuable for anyone who is looking to keep up with emerging artists or looking to understand the rich history of country music. Shiflett seems to be most inspired when interviewing grizzled veterans like Benson, Stuart, or Earle, but is able to relate to artists who at different stages of their careers. His time playing in punk rock bands, the Foo Fighters, and his recent country side projects have given him a foundation to mutually discuss craft and career experiences with each musician.
Past episodes of Walking The Floor can be found here: 

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