Stranger Things Theme Song – Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein

There are numerous aspects of Stranger Things that immerse the audience into the Eighties: significant cultural moments, colorblind fashion, and incredible music. The Stranger Things soundtrack (both compilation and original music) is a perfect component of the series.

Stranger Things Original Soundtrack

In addition to picking music from top bands of the period like The Police and Whitesnake, the Stranger Things original soundtrack is appropriate for the time period. It works with the science fiction genre. The ambient music meshes with the story because it sounds like a 1984 movie.

As the show unfolds, the music brings out a wide variety of emotions. Songs feels cool, creepy, and exciting (sometimes all at the same time). It locks viewers into the upside down of Hawkins, Indiana.

The original soundtrack for Stranger Things 2 was given a special vinyl release for Record Store Day’s Black Friday event in 2018. The music for Season 3 is also set for to hit stores at some point this year.

The tone of the show’s music first occurs during the title sequence. The steady beat, escalating synth, and glowing red lettering create an instant connection to the Netflix series.

How The Stranger Things Theme Song Was Created

The podcast Song Exploder recently took apart the amazing music for Stranger Things with Kyle Dixon and Michel Stein. Both are members of the band S U R V I V E. They are most famous for their contributions to the original soundtrack of the Netflix sci-fi series.

Dixon and Stein are responsible for the music in the title sequence and the background ambient tracks. The Stranger Things theme song became iconic when the series debuted in 2016. The interview on Song Exploder breaks down how the title song came into being. Additionally, there are comments from both musicians regarding their interesting Stranger Things viewing habits.

The S U R V I V E electronic music wizards also incorporate the theme song into their live sets:

Hrishikesh Hirway hosts the podcast Song Exploder. Each episode contains a deconstruction of a popular track by the artist or artists who created it. Most episodes are 15 to 20 minutes long and provide an interesting takeaway about a song. You can listen to the Stranger Things soundtrack episode of Song Exploder here:


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