Twisted Philly’s Look At Horror Movies In Pennsylvania

Sometimes you can take what happens in your own backyard for granted. Until recently, the list of horror films created in Pennsylvania is more incredible than I realized. Twisted Philly, the City of Brotherly Love’s most macabre-learning podcast, recently examined a handful of flicks that were shot in the Keystone State in the episode Horror In Twisted Philly. While listening to the episode it became apparent that it is hard to overlook just how many great movies in the genre were created in the state.
Not only does contemporary horror master M. Night Shyamalan create his films in the Philadelphia area, but horror pioneer George Romero also shot much of his work around Pittsburgh. For this podcast, Twisted Philly opted to save Shyamalan’s body of work for another episode, but listening to the episode helped set the mood for the week leading up to Halloween and the inevitable onslaught of horror films on television and in our Netflix queues.
One of the greatest horror films ever, the 1958 flick The Blob, was shot by local Christian movie company Valley Forge Films. While the movie is timeless, the trailer is laughably dated, hailing a lineup of actors “starring Steve McQueen and a cast of exciting young people.” The Blob was shot around the Valley Forge area, included a scene in the Colonial Movie Theatre in Phoenixville.
In addition to Evil Dead and Devil, other horror films discussed in the podcast include Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and his 1982 collaboration with Stephen King, Creepshow.
Twisted Philly is a podcast that discusses true crime, haunted history, and intriguing places and events within those fields that take place in both Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. The podcast is hosted by Philadelphia native Deana Marie. Episodes range between 30 minutes and an hour in length. Previous editions to the podcast include topics like Eastern State Penitentiary and Philadelphia’s connection with serial killer H.H. Holmes. Episodes of Twisted Philly are available here:


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