The Conspirators Is A Phenomenal Podcast For Fans Of Peculiar Stories

There are a large number of podcasts that cover true crime, extraordinary events, or unexplained mysteries. For listeners who may be looking for a podcast that covers a bit of everything, The Conspirators is an enjoyable catch-all show that comprehensively digs into lesser known and remarkable stories.
The bi-weekly podcast began last July and has already touched on a wide variety of topics. The puzzling death of a Sherlock Holmes expert, a violent skyjacking that seems like an improbable action flick, and the incredible tale of an 11-year-old girl who survived the murder of her family and had been left adrift at sea. Stories on the podcast are explored thoroughly by a narrator who operates under the pseudonym Nate Hale. Hale maintains a dry style as he lets each episode unfold and allows the stories to be the stars of The Conspirators. Most episodes are around 25 minutes long.
One of the most fascinating episodes of the podcast is the sordid history of the Ouija board. After detailing how the board game was developed in the late 19thCentury, The Conspirators noted the game’s place within the Spiritualist movement. Hale also dug into an unexpected series of bizarre crimes and mysterious events that have surrounded the famous parlor game.
Another fascinating episode told the obscure tale of Lillian Alling. In 1927 the young immigrant outdid any fictional “call of the wild” survival journeys by attempting to walk from New York City to Russia by way of Alaska. Her goal: she just wanted to return home. The Conspirators noted some of Alling’s encounters along the way, including her encounter with telegraph operators and a brief stint working as a waitress in Dawson City just to purchase a small boat so she could attempt a journey through the unforgiving Arctic.
Those topics are a microcosm of The Conspirators. They are detailed accounts of bizarre or outstanding stories. The podcast is refreshing because it does not stick to one genre and Hale has a good eye for selecting stories that can entice an audience into clicking “download” on their podcast app. Because Hale also explores various aspects of each story, the anecdotes do more than just relay news clips and cursory knowledge of an event. Stories like The Blackout Ripper and Typhoid Mary also help to bring an understanding of certain periods of history, making The Conspirators a pleasant and informative listen.

Episodes of The Conspirators can be listened to here:


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