2017 Philadelphia Podcast Festival Is Great For Podcasters And Fans

Podcasts are the fastest-growing medium in entertainment. With over a billion listeners devoting significant amounts of time to podcasts, the format has grown rapidly since its debut. And why not? There are so many different niches explored by podcasts that there can be dozens of podcasts for almost any topic of major or minute interest.

What Is The Philadelphia Podcast Festival?

From July 14 to July 23, over 60 podcasts will record episodes in Philadelphia as a part of the 2017 Philadelphia Podcast Festival. Both Philadelphia-area podcasts and broader national shows are on the docket for the festival. The fifth year of the event is a tremendous opportunity to indulge in such a diverse segment of entertainment and maybe add a few more shows to your listening rotation.

Anyone can create a podcast that can be listened to at any time. The freedom for individuals to produce their own series on whatever topic has created unlimited opportunities for listeners and creators. The omnipresence of podcasts also has an adverse effect. Because of the booming popularity of podcasts, the medium may have become overwhelming almost as quickly as it came into being.

Choosing the shows that satisfy a listener’s appetite for different topics can make it tough to sort through various programs. Similarly, with the unending wealth of competition it may be difficult for podcasts to break away from a crowded field to find an audience. Like other facets of the Internet, the world of podcasts has become so vast that word of mouth has ironically become one of the best ways to grow a show.

Podcast Festival Highlights

Events like the Philadelphia Podcast Festival give popular series a chance to interact with fans. Some of the wide range of shows at the festival include the medical podcast Sawbones and Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, which takes a biblical look at J.K. Rowling’s young adult series. Two days after HBO’s Game of Thrones seventh season debuts, Stark Raven Mad: A Game of Thrones Podcast crosses the Narrow Sea to the Philly Improv Theater on July 18.

The event, which is hosted by The Philadelphia Podcasting Society, is also showcasing local podcasts as well. Several area series are taping episodes at the Tattooed Mom in South Philadelphia on July 22. Some of the podcasts include the foodie show Jawn Appetit, the comedy podcast Nerds With Words, and the mischievous Twisted Philly.

With 60-plus podcasts taping episodes in 15 events at eight different venues, the festival promises to offer a little something for everyone and a chance to find some of your next listening choices.

The 2017 Philadelphia Podcast Festival schedule

The Philadelphia Podcast Festival lineup


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