Australian Bands Are Defining Indie Music

Great things often come in bunches, but so much incredible music is emerging from Australia that it may be the site of the next New Wave of Indie Music. Australia already has an extended history of producing memorable music. AC/DC, INXS, Rick Springfield, and Nick Cave are among the biggest names to have emanated from Down Under, but Oz Rock has also seen great alt rock bands as well. Jet, Vines, and Tame Impala have all realized some incredible moments.

There are several Australian indie bands who are at different stages of their careers that all are either currently rising or poised to explode internationally. Geowulf is currently building off of a series of singles.The Paper Kites and Holy Holy each have a pair of great albums out. Tash Sultana’s “Jungle” is an early pick for the 2017 Song of The Summer. Each possesses a different style, but they all bring an element of excitement to their work. Whether if be through keen songwriting or virtuoso guitar parts, these Australian bands represent some of the most enjoyable new music out there:


Tash Sultana –  When I first heard Tash Sultana’s “Jungle” I thought, “Wow, they are great. I have to see this band.” Finding out that Tash Sultana is actually just one person was nearly as mind-blowing as the liquid guitar parts that open up the incredible reggae-infused single. A shredder who can channel a little Carlos Santana, the Australian Indie musician is currently touring in support of her debut EP Jungle. The multi-instrumentalist, who even plays horn on her newest single “Murder To The Mind,” has an infectious star quality about her that cannot be overstated.



Holy Holy – Holy Holy uses different methods to reach for the big moments. Whether it be through epic vocals (“Wanderer”) or well-crafted jams (“Shadow”), Holy Holy’s music is simultaneously bold and beautiful. The track “History” may be be the best example of Holy Holy’s style. By finishing off lyrics like “All I want is to hold a little piece of history between my teeth” and “The crawling tongue of fear, exactly at your ear” with an epic band moment, it is evident that they are not content with subtle nuance. While they can jam, Holy Holy also has a nose for catchy pop music. It is only a matter of time before Holy Holy breaks through in North America.


The Paper Kites – An Australian Indie band that is currently touring North America and promoting their second album twelvefour, The Paper Kites features a unique versatility to their sound that primarily stems from their perfectly blended harmonies. With skills that seem as if they are deeply-rooted in trad music, The Paper Kites exudes a vibe that could just as easily exist from a band at the corner pub. The intimacy of their harmonies can draw a listener in as they sing quieter songs like “I Done You So Wrong” and “Bleed Confusion.” Quicker-paced tracks like “Woke Up From A Dream” and “A Lesson From Mr. Gray” show a knack for more pop-savvy songwriting. “Electric Indigo,” the lead song from their newest record, is a perfect showcase of the band’s flair for packing emotion into a song:


Geowulf – A band that originated in Australia that is currently based in the U.K., Geowulf’s charming song “Saltwater” exploded to over 4.5 million streams on Spotify within its first year and is also featured in a Corona commercial. Geowulf’s subsequent two singles “Won’t Look Back” and “Don’t Talk About You” are just as mesmerizing. The band wields a gift for crafting music that contains lush electronic hooks. If and when Geowulf release their first album you can look for this group to rival dream pop luminaries like Beach House.





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