Review: Tom Hanks Takes The Con In Greyhound

Tom Hanks is enjoying an extended run of captaining films through peril. In his latest, Greyhound, the veteran actor leads a destroyer tasked with escorting a convoy during the Battle of the Atlantic. He gives yet another commanding performance in a thriller that makes the 91-minute runtime feel like a breathless half-hour. Set in the... Continue Reading →

Long Take: The Cinematography Of 1917

Long takes are imperfect filmmaking. The choreography of cinematography over a scene or an entire film is a dance between the camera, actors, and the audience. Even though it can be viewed as a gimmick, it is a storytelling choice that dramatically alters the final product. When done well, the technique injects unique perspective into... Continue Reading →

Movie Reviews: Midway (2019) And Midway (1976)

The trailer for Roland Emmerich’s 2019 film Midway presented a poorly construed treatment of World War II with hooky jingoism and disaster movie arcs. The film barely broke even in the box office, although it was vastly different from the 1976 movie Midway. That blockbuster was a top-grossing flick of its time, yet the substance... Continue Reading →

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