What Saturday Night Live’s Finale Says About SNL’s Trump Problem

Saturday Night Live closed out their forty-third season last night. The episode, which was hosted by Tina Fey and featured Nicki Minaj as the musical guest, was emblematic of the variety show’s entire season. The SNL finale placed politics and cameos in the forefront of its show for yet another episode. They doubled-down on mediocre material that was a desperate attempt to put a lasting political stamp on the season. It was almost as if SNL was openly admitting that they cannot help themselves: they have a Trump problem

Too Much Politics Is Ruining SNL

The 2017-18 run of Saturday Night Live is not special. This is surprising given their talented cast and hosts, but nearly every show is a letdown. NBC’s sketch comedy series is too reliant on politics as the linchpin of each show. After 43 seasons it might be time to tap the breaks on politics and place an emphasis on creating good sketches.

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