Mighty Joe Castro and The Gravamen On Their Debut – Come On Angels!

The debut record of Mighty Joe Castro and The Gravamen, Come On Angels!, is an electric mix of sultry grooves and guitar licks that appeal to fans of rockabilly and soft rock. Despite drawing from past artists like Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly, the album sounds fresh due to a stable of great songs with... Continue Reading →

Lia Menaker On Her Debut: I Am Kyrøs

Kairos is an Ancient Greek word indicating that a moment is the right time for action. Philadelphia artist Lia Menaker could not have chosen a more appropriate time to release her debut under the name Kyrøs. Her EP I Am Kyrøs was written before many of the events that have called for change in 2020, but... Continue Reading →

Tyler Asay of The Tisburys on “Fading Light,” New Album

The Tisburys are a Philadelphia band with addictive heartland-style songs. The group have steadily put out new work over the last full years, recently culminating in the six-song release Wax Nostalgic in 2019. Singer Tyler Asay answered a few questions on their new single, "Fading Light," and their forthcoming record Sun Goes Down.    “Fading Light”... Continue Reading →

Interview: Gianmarco Cilli on The Feel Is Now

Gianmarco Cilli is a Philadelphia multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He has worked with National Eye and The Silver Ages. For The Feel Is Now, his first solo record in over a decade, Cilli collaborated with members of Dr Dog. The War On Drugs. Cilli answered a few questions about his solo record, which dropped last September. 

Interview: Scantron’s James Everhart On The EP Electric City

Scantron is an energetic garage rock band from Philadelphia helmed by former Low Cut Connie guitarist James Everhart. The group released their terrific EP Electric City in February and was named Artist To Watch by WMMR this April. Electric City channels Everhart's feelings about leaving Low Cut Connie and is available for streaming and download on their... Continue Reading →

How To Support The Arts In Philly During COVID-19

According to the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, the arts scene in the City of Brotherly Love is more than just a weekend escape. $4.1 billion dollars in total economic impact, 55,000 full-time jobs, and $1.3 billion in household income are all tied directly to Philly's arts and culture institutions. During the Coronavirus shutdown, a countless... Continue Reading →

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