Steve Gunn Shreds His Way Through Union Transfer Show

I am fortunate to live in a city that is a regular tour stop for a host of bands. I am even luckier to be in an area that has a tremendous homegrown music scene. One truly special Philadelphia-bred musician, Steve Gunn, played a show at Union Transfer on Saturday night.

Indie Album Review: Milo Greene’s Adult Contemporary

When I left a screening of Creed 2 last week, I was thinking about the boxing movie's surprisingly layered story and did not expect to become immediately interested in another artistic endeavor. The catchy beats of Milo Greene’s “Move” were hard to miss when I started the car, even if it was just for the few notes. 

Insects: A Rare Song From The xx

The xx are one of my favorite bands. The trio from the U.K. create a subdued style of Indie pop that blends electronic music and dream pop brilliantly. I have been hooked on the band ever since I heard their debut album. While looking back through my collection, I discovered an xx song from their early period that had been lost in the shuffle: the track “Insect.”

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