Insecure Soundtrack And 1500 Or Nothin’s “Girl”

I just binged my way through the first season of HBO’s Insecure. I had heard good things about the show. I did not anticipate how much I would love Insecure’s soundtrack. It took me forever to get through the first season because I keep googling the music in every episode. One song from the series blew me away: 1500 or Nothin’s “Girl.

The Barry Soundtrack: “Journal of Ardency” By Class Actress

HBO has a knack for including great music as a companion to their original programming. Dating back to The Sopranos, the title sequences and closing credits of an HBO show have often been a source of discovery for different types of music. The song from the closing credits of Barry’s first episode was HBO’s most recent nugget: Class Actress’s “Journal of Ardency.”

VEEP’S Writing Is On A Roll In Season Six

When HBO's VEEP began its sixth season, the political comedy was in uncharted waters. Season five had ended as President Selina Meyer left office following a disastrous election that tested the electoral college. Midway through its current run it is apparent that VEEP's writers have reinvented the comedy, allowing it to continue as one of television's funniest shows. VEEP is at... Continue Reading →

HBO’s Big Little Lies Needs A Season Two

HBO's Big Little Lies finished airing earlier this month and the possibility of a second season has already been dangled out there by the show's creators. As much as I enjoy a great one-off miniseries, the temptation of at least one more season gives HBO an opportunity to explore something different on television: a well-produced... Continue Reading →

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