Music Box Sets For Every Budget

My third Christmas shopping guide looks at some of the top music box sets available in 2018. I previously looked at Black Friday's Record Store Day and the best new indie records. This post includes ornate albums that I have passed on for different reasons, but remain enticing. Treasures from my personal collection are also evaluated. Not only are there indie music and classic rock box sets, but also new and used ideas that have value for fans on different budgets. 

10 New Indie Albums That Are Great Christmas Gifts In 2018

The holiday season is upon us, which means that millions of people are looking for the best gift for the music fans in their lives. For the vinyl-inclined, you can find a quick guide to Record Store Day’s Black Friday selections here. For less exclusive picks for fans, new music is always a great gift. These ten new indie albums make great Christmas gifts in 2018. There is something for everyone, including R&B, psychedelic rock, and French pop.

Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie?

Every holiday season there is one debate that entrenches us all into categories that even politics, religion, and sports cannot touch: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?   For people who like fun, the answer is a clear “yes.” Die Hard stars Bruce Willis as New York cop John McClane, an irreverent badass who is invited... Continue Reading →

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