U.K. Band Another Sky And Singer Catrin Vincent’s Unreal Vocals

It is natural to say “oh, they sound like…” when dissecting a new artist. That is difficult to do with Another Sky. The U.K. art rockers have a unique sound that is not like much else. Their music begins with the singular range of singer Catrin Vincent, but Another Sky is a collaborative brilliance that cannot be ignored.

I first caught wind of the group when listening to their interview on WXPN’s World Café. The group played just two songs (“The Cracks” and “Brace Face”), but the pieces  were quickly ingrained in my musical psyche. They are one of the most intriguing bands of 2020.

Who Is Another Sky?

Another Sky came together at Goldsmiths University. The four-member band have yet to release a full album. They dropped two EPs in 2018 and 2019: Forget Yourself and Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds.

A few loose comparisons with their U.K. contemporaries show a blend of influences, but their ability to diversify their music is their signature trait. Another Sky’s early sound is not entrapped in a glut of similar tracks. That early trend is similar to U.K. contemporaries Wolf Alice. Both bands are difficult to typecast and show a refreshing knack for experimentation.

Another Sky’s Catrin Vincent

Much of this fluidity is possible because of lead singer Catrin Vincent’s voice. More than a few YouTube comments express surprise that Catrin Vincent is indeed a woman. Misidentifying her gender is an easy mistake. Her voice is unusually deep and requires many different adjectives.

In just one song Catrin Vincent can be angelic, intimate, expressive, and primal. She reaches low and high notes with rare flexibility. Her voice also commands attention. Like Romy Croft, Florence Welch, Hannah Reid, and Ellie Rowsell there is an instant recognition that demands attention. Catrin Vincent is someone who has to be listened to.

The unabashed nature of “I Don’t Hate You” exemplifies how she adds extra weight to Another Sky’s songs. As the track begins, Vincent quietly begins with a disdainful break-off of relations.

I don’t hate you, I just won’t talk to you again.

For what you did to my friend.

We’re stacked in estates, then spread out in our graves.

We’ll have more room when we’re dead.”

Her voice gradually escalates to a haunting wail. The progression reveals the song’s beginning to be more of an ominous threat than what sounded like tentative anger. More than any other Another Sky song, “I Don’t Hate You” shows the potential of a singer who is doing something different.

Another Sky – Early Songs And A New Album

Listening to Vincent is the initial entrancing quality of Another Sky. Whatever doubt or defiance she is expressing is bolstered by a deft group. Two songs from their 2019 EP Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds reveal the band’s early power.

“The Cracks” is the quintessential track from Another Sky’s 2019 work. The driving nature of the arrangement brings out a desperation best summarized by the raw lyrics “All hail the age of chaos.”

“Apple Tree,” a song from Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds, showcases the group’s ability to craft intriguing hooks. A crisp guitar riff backs Vincent as she rides the upper tier of her voice. Her shifting range gives possibility and curiosity to every listen.

Their pop sensibilities also come out in “Fighting Bulls” and “Capable of Love,” tracks that cement the case for Another Sky as a band to watch. They are capable of keeping an audience hooked with a diverse set and creating something exciting. Fans of Coldplay, Arcade Fire, The xx, and London Grammar may get hooked on their early pop artistry.

More music from Another Sky should be on the way soon. On January 22, the band posted that their first record had a title and a track list.

Another Sky Band New Album


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