February Leftovers: The Met Philly, Villanova’s Pavilion, and Bryce Harper

February 2019 was a busy month. Not only did I catch an amazing show from Steve Gunn, but I threw myself into an Oscar frenzy that ended in major disappointments. As always, there are a few things that I didn’t get the chance to blog about. Here are some leftovers from a crazy month:

Spoiler-Free True Detective Season Three Take

True Detective returned in January. For those burnt by the terrible second season, you can relax knowing that the show is worth watching again. The third season stars Academy-Award winner Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff as the lead police officers

Ali plays Wayne Hayes, a retired police officer who is sucked into a kidnapping and murder investigation that he can’t solve. The show unfolds over three different decades. Ali’s character is in a rush to solve the case before his character is overtaken by memory loss.

Unlike HBO’s Westworld, the rotating timeline is easy to follow. It was bloated by unnecessary secondary plots, but overall the story was solidly written. It did return several ideas from the successful first season. The Southern backdrop, Catholicism, and similar dynamic between the two leads were in place again. 

The Season Three finale, while less dramatic than the first season, included some unexpected twists that made for a rewarding watch.

Seth Myers Tour At The Keswick Theater

I have watched a lot of Seth Myers over the last decade-plus. The last thing I expected was for him to ask “Is there a doctor in the house?” during a standup gig.

A fan’s medical emergency interrupted the Late Night host’s show at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA. The roughly twenty-minute interruption initially shocked those in attendance, but people calmed down as time went on. Myers kept his cool on-stage. He not only chatted with fans near the stage, but greeted the ailing fan as he was transported out of the Keswick Theater.

Ultimately, the fan made the best of the moment by saying “Hey, Seth!” The evening was a solid night of comedy, but I was most impressed with his ability to return to form as a comedian and deliver a memorable second show after such a long break.

Seth Myers At The Keswick Theater

The Met Philly Review

When I saw another TV comic on New Year’s Eve, I was taking in more than John Oliver’s set. The new Met Philly is a gorgeous venue that will be a great spot for live events for years to come.

The recently renovated Metropolitan Opera house is located on the 800 block of North Broad Street. The parking was well-organized and relatively convenient for a downtown venue. The inside of the building includes a gorgeous design that promotes an upscale feel.

Even though my obstructed view was not from the best seat at the Met, the back of the lower level was good enough for a comedy show. I am not sure if I would enjoy a concert from the same seat. I 100% recommend looking at the venue’s seating chart before getting tickets.

What Does The Met Philly Mean For Other Venues?

Given that Live Nation invested $45 million to renovate the facility, it appears that it will be the promoter’s flagship Philadelphia concert venue. They are proving this by stuffing the Met Philly’s schedule with acts ranging from Bob Dylan to the gang from Schitt’s Creek.

There are only so many concerts and events that can happen in one city every night. I am concerned that the run of events might put another venue out of business.

If I had to bet, that hall would be the historic Tower Theater in Upper Darby. The venues have similar capacities (3,500 and 3,119) and the allure of a downtown show might drain acts from Upper Darby.

Villanova’s New Finneran Pavilion

Another “new” venue in the Philadelphia area is the renovated Finneran Pavilion on Villanova University’s campus. I never attended a game at the old arena, but my review of the Finneran Pavilion could not be more positive.

The interior of the venue and its sparkling concourse were impressive. The atmosphere and floor show were stunning. The Senior Night entire game against Marquette had the feel of an intimate NBA production. Villanova has come a long way over the last few years. The new venue and passion of fans that have now enjoyed three national titles created a powerful vibe that made for a great viewing experience. 

Bryce Harper Signing Makes Phillies Baseball Come Alive

When the Philadelphia Phillies signed Bryce Harper to a 13-year, $330 million contract on February 28, it did more than add a power bat to their lineup. It makes baseball relevant in Philadelphia until 2031. As a Phillies fan, I am excited about the acquisition. It might turn out to be the most important free agent signing in Phillies (and Philadelphia) history.

Philadelphia Daily News Bryce Harper

I am also fascinated by the rare occasion where the face of baseball plays in red pinstripes. I am not sure that has ever happened in the history of the franchise. If, anything it is good for business. The Phillies sold $4 million in tickets 24 hours after the signing.


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