Interview With Positive Publicity Blogger Camille Mola

Camille Mola is a Philadelphia blogger and public relations pro. She writes about travel, beauty, music, food, and Philly experiences on her blog Positive Publicity. In her interview with The Flat Circle, Camille discusses why she began blogging six years ago. She also chats about working with brands, her favorite places to eat in Philadelphia, and her Lady Gaga fandom. 


Flat Circle: You have been blogging since 2012. Why did you start blogging and what has motivated you to keep blogging for so long?

Camille Mola: Has it been that long already?? I started blogging initially to record memories while studying abroad in college. And as a PR major in college, blogging was a large part of many of my classes, which really sparked my passion. After writing several other blogs, Positive Publicity was born. My “Intro to PR” professor told us on the first day of class, “If you don’t like writing, you’re in the wrong profession.” Luckily for me, I enjoy writing and blogging was the perfect creative outlet.

A huge motivation for me to continue blogging is seeing how much Positive Publicity has grown since I started; it makes me want to work that much harder. It really is pretty awesome seeing something you created grow. Even the little victories are big ones!


FC: Do you have advice for new bloggers who are building their following?

CM: Be your authentic self, collaborate and engage with others, and don’t compare yourself to what others are doing (this is a big one!). I’ve had some friends who are interested in starting a blog approach me for advice, and are unsure about how to begin or feel as if people may not be interested in what they have to say.

What I have to say to that is this: everyone has something to say in this world, there is room for everyone in blogging, and people want to hear what you have to say! Everyone is knowledgeable in a certain topic, and should feel excited about sharing that knowledge. So write that first blog post, record that first podcast – whatever it is, just start it. Having this mentality will help you in your growth.


FC: Positive Publicity covers diverse interests like travel, music, and style. Is it challenging to blog about multiple topics in one space?

CM: Not going to lie, it is! I actually recently made an Instagram post about this exact challenge and how I struggle to define my niche. There is so much I want to explore and talk about on Positive Publicity and I don’t want to be limited to certain topics. But with that comes the challenge of trying to cover it all and also wanting to have a polished personal brand/niche. But there is so much out there I want to learn about and have the opportunity to write about on my blog, so I am up for the challenge!


Positive Publicity's Camille Mola
Positive Publicity’s Camille Mola


FC: You have worked with organizations like the Philadelphia Jazz Festival, Verizon, and the Chaddsford Winery. How do you approach working for a brand and giving balanced reviews to readers?

CM: Those are three organizations I was very thankful to have worked with, all were great experiences. I strive to work with brands that I believe in, and that I believe my readers will benefit from. This of course means occasionally saying no to working with a brand. I want to feel proud of the content I create and put out, and I want blog readers to trust that I have their best interests in mind when working with brands. I like to make sure the company and I are on the same page, and both are happy with the content that’s being produced.


FC: Positive Publicity keep tabs on the Philadelphia restaurant scene. What are things that you look for when blogging about a dining experience?

CM: Ambiance and atmosphere are big factors for sure, right up there with the food. I love meeting and talking with restaurant employees, and when they are so passionate about where they work and the food they create, it makes the experience that much better.

My recent dining experience at Louie Louie had all of this! There are so many great restaurants which have recently opened in the city and the suburbs; it’s a really fun time in the Philadelphia food scene. I also love bringing out-of-town friends to some of my favorite Philly spots and getting their reactions.


FC: Do you have any recommendations for people who are looking to dine out on a budget in the Philadelphia area?

CM: Some of my favorites include Bottle Shop East, Poi Boy, Rione Pizza, Middle Child and Goldie. I also need to mention that you can do an all-you-can-eat buffet brunch at Harp and Crown for $28. You can also never go wrong with a great BYOB, like Thai Square Restaurant or Giorgio on Pine (which also has a gluten-free menu). Pricier restaurants also have fantastic happy hours, like Tinto and Double Knot.


FC: In a recent review about A Star Is Born, you raved about Lady Gaga and noted that you are one of her “Little Monsters.” What was it like watching one of your heroes perform in a new medium and how does that effect your fandom?

CM: THANK YOU for asking this, as I have much to say. I wrote in my review on my blog that I felt proud of her, which is strange because I obviously don’t even know her. Can you be proud of someone who you’ve never met? I suppose so! It was very surreal sitting in a movie theater watching my idol on a movie screen.

I was such a fan of her acting in American Horror Story: Hotel, but seeing her on in movie was a completely different experience. She is an incredible artist in every sense of the word, and I believe she is THE artist of our generation. After seeing this film, I’m very excited what other projects she’ll do next. Now, if you haven’t seen the movie, go see it! (I’d like it on the record I’m listening to the A Star Is Born soundtrack while typing this).


FC: If you were marooned on a desert island, what book, movie or TV box set, and luxury item are you taking with you?

CM: Oh boy, let’s see…book would have to be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (if I can’t bring the entire series); movie would be 500 Days of Summer or Drop Dead Gorgeous (too hard to choose), and let’s throw in Game of Thrones while we’re at it for TV; and luxury item would be a playlist of all of my favorite music.


You can learn more about Camille Mola by visiting her blog and following her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

This is the sixth post in a spotlight series on Philadelphia bloggers. You can check out the most recent interview with Philly blogger and sexologist Emily Depasse, click here.

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