True Detective Season 3 – The Plot Thickens With New Trailer

There are finally some True Detective developments that hint at an awesome new season. HBO’s anthology crime series had already announced that Mahershala Ali (House of Cards) was the lead edition to its new cast. Just in time for the finale of Sharp Objects, HBO gave a first glimpse at the series by dropping a new trailer for Season 3 of True Detective.

The trailer opens with Ali walking through a field, saying “Before you knew me I wasn’t scared much. I wasn’t afeared for me. Things I’ve seen, things I know… wouldn’t do anything but cause harm. My whole brain’s a bunch of missing pieces. This case is more haunting than anything. I want to know the whole story.”

As Ali’s character speaks there are snippets of drama that take place over different decades. His character photographs a crime scene that appears to include a child’s bike. Other key sequences in the trailer are a live body in a trunk and a glimpse at what may be another intense shootout.

Other announced members of the new True Detective cast are Carmen Ejogo (Selma), Stephen Dorff (Blade), and Ray Fisher (Justice League).

Season 3 of True Detective will premiere on an unspecified date in January of 2019. Nic Pizzolatto, who wrote the first two seasons of the series, also authored these upcoming episodes. Pizzolatto also directed six of the season’s eight episodes.

True Detective’s IMDB page already has a plot description of the first episode of the third season:

“The next installment tells the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, and a mystery that deepens over decades and plays out in three separate time periods.”

This is good news for fans of True Detective. The first season excelled in its use of backwoods areas, cults, and ghastly crimes that unfolded over time. The second anthology was a complex political mystery that flopped in almost every way a television series can disappoint.

The initial description of the new plot and the selection of a compelling lead (Ali) indicate that the show is returning to its more successful formula.

I am excited for the upcoming series. Last year I wrote about the show’s incredibly disappointing flop in Season 2. The structure for redemption is in place. Now we just have to wait until January to see if HBO has recaptured the magic of True Detective.

Watch the new trailer for Season 3 of True Detective: 


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