Interview with Jason and Vivienne of Forkin’ Bullshirt

Jason and Vivienne are hosts of the podcast Forkin' Bullshirt, which is devoted to the NBC sitcom The Good Place. 

Too Much Politics Is Ruining SNL

The 2017-18 run of Saturday Night Live is not special. This is surprising given their talented cast and hosts, but nearly every show is a letdown. NBC’s sketch comedy series is too reliant on politics as the linchpin of each show. After 43 seasons it might be time to tap the breaks on politics and place an emphasis on creating good sketches.

When Life Interferes With Your Blog Posts

Over the last month it has been a bit of a struggle for me to produce much of the content that I have set out to create for this blog. I have consumed a lot of great shows, movies, music, and podcasts that have inspired a wealth of half-written posts. There were some post ideas that were ultimately derailed by writer’s block or a lack of focus. It has been hard to watch a season of The Crown or Lady Bird and not be able to complete some of my ideas.

The Hollywood Gold Of The Boys Of ’36

It may be a cliché, but the entire story of the PBS documentary The Boys Of ’36 feels like a Hollywood movie. Blue collar Americans who came of age in an impoverished economy, a sport that is built on remarkable perseverance, and the daunting backdrop of Hitler’s Third Reich are all present in the documentary that follows the University of Washington crew team on their journey to win the gold medal at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Is Letterman’s Latest Revolution

David Letterman spent 33 years reinventing late night television. Other hosts may have used sharper monologues or a greater political focus, but Letterman was the guy who re-imagined what audiences and creators expected from a chat show. After one episode, it looks like his newest Netflix series may be his newest revolution. Streamed on Netflix,... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Is Not Obligated To Produce Honest History

In a recent Wall Street Journal piece, columnist Peggy Noonan decried certain historical inaccuracies in the Netflix series The Crown and Steven Spielberg's film The Post. While acknowledging the necessity of dramatic license, Noonan hammered Hollywood for twisting historical facts in an era when people learn through entertainment. With all due respect to Ms. Noonan, the obligation to find truth lies with the audience and not with entertainers.

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