Three Podcasts To Celebrate Halloween With

No holiday offers as much fun as Halloween. Horror movies, ghost stories, and candy are all a huge part of how we enjoy October’s signature holiday. This year, the podcasts Twenty Thousand Hertz, The Conspirators, and The Weekly Substandard all dropped episodes that discuss these different aspects of Halloween:
Twenty Thousand Hertz Sound is as much of a part of Halloween as candy and costumes. Twenty Thousand Hertz looks at how spooky sounds are created for movies with sound designer Trevor Gates. These noises include particular soundtracks and noises created just for sound effect. Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Dan Blumstein talks about why certain noises and frequencies elicit feelings of fright. Listen to the episode here: 
The Conspirators – The bi-weekly podcast of strange, but true macabre stories dropped a “bonus minisode” for Halloween. Featuring an appearance with the narrator’s son, “Nate Hale Jr.,” the 14-minute episode focuses on ghost ships. In addition to the infamous Flying Dutchman, The Conspirators also looks at a ghoulish Great Lakes shipwreck, and a Revolutionary War prison ship. Check out the minisode here: 
The Weekly Substandard – There is no more gripping audio than three grown men doing a 45-minute fantasy draft of their favorite Halloween candy. Following their usual banter, the Weekly Standard’s pop-culture podcast engaged in fierce debate about the best in sugar, peanut butter, and chocolate. The first overall pick? The Reese’s Peanut Butter Full Size Two Cup Pack. Also present in the episode are a lengthy discussion about the proper etiquette of king size candy bars, an interesting factoid about Randall Cunningham, and a rare link between sabermetrics and sugar with the statistic VORC (Value Over Replacement Candy). You can listen to the episode here:



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